December 9, 2021

Why Bukedea-founded Blacks Power moved to Lira

By Baron Kironde
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Blacks Power's Michael Siwu (L) in action at the Emokori grounds in Bukedea district / Courtesy Image

FUFA Big League (FBL) side Blacks Power FC have formally shifted their home base from the Emokori grounds in Bukedea to the Aki Bua Stadium in Lira ahead of the 2021/22 season.

Initially established in Bukedea district, Eastern Uganda as Bukedea Town Council, the team had also previously changed identity to Blacks Power for a reason understandable enough.

For clarity, the club CEO Samuel Opio explained that they were wrongly perceived to be receiving financial support from the region’s town council because of their name, which was not the case.

The Aki Bua Stadium, Lira

Now, the team has also officially shifted to Northern Uganda on grounds still not any further from support as Opio transparently weighed in to clear the air.

Opio says the resolution was carefully reached following an assessment that the positives were greater than otherwise.

“Football runs on money and to maintain a team in the league requires a huge financial inflow, that is a fact,” Opio expressed in an interview with Football256.

“We do not have any sponsor, we only survive on mainly two individuals who use their own salaries for running club activities,” he added, not mentioning any particular names.

The Blacks Power CEO further stressed that shifting to play in Lira means that the team is looking for all possible means to assume financial support in terms of gate collection and other avenues.

“While in Bukedea, we failed to get any strong support from the community in terms of gate collection and direct support to the team,” Opio revealed.

“When we had games at home, many people did not even want to pay money to watch the team, instead, they would want to watch for free,” Opio further explained.

The implication, according to Opio’s narration was that the team barely collected any revenue from such an avenue last season.

Apparently, according to a Blacks Power survey, as revealed by Opio, Lira people who love football so much do not really have a big team of their own to support.

By Blacks Power being taken to them, they will easily embrace it as their own, therefore granting the initially Bukedea founded team a chance to tap into that huge support from Northern Uganda.

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