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May 26, 2022

256 FOTY Award, 2021: blending tourism, fashion with football

By Allan Damba
Jean Coprise Akullo with the 256 Footballer of the year Award / Bata Images

In a bid to expand, beautify and make more appealing the 2021 edition of the 256 Footballer of the Year Award (FOTY), the management at the website have extended their tentacles to the beauty, fashion and tourism industry.

This they did through engineering a project with a stylist, model and first runner-up of the 2019/ 2020/ Miss Tourism beauty pageant, Jean Coprise Akullo.

Akullo, who is also the proprietor of ‘Thee Beauty Spot Hair, Makeup and Nail Clinic’ was extremely elated to be a part of this fascinating and cheer-giving project.

A replica of the 256 Footballer of the year Award / Bata Image

“As a tourism ambassador, I am delighted to be part of this project,” she stated in an exclusive interview before adding.

“I am well aware that sports is a part of this sector since tourism is wide is exactly why some do not think of sports as being part of it.”

“The impact of sports on tourism is really huge and this happens in so many ways. For instance, fans who travel from Kampala to Mbarara for a football game will most definitely tour around before or after the match.”

“The same happens when people travel to different countries for football matches. So, I basically wanted to create awareness that sports is a big part of the tourism sector and that it should be embraced widely,” Akullo added.

The Kyambogo University student added: “My theme in partnering with football256 is; ‘Sports Needs Fashion and Tourism’ and football is for both sexes, not just the males as some girls perceive it to be.”

Akullo with the award / Bata Images

“Football, fashion and tourism are inseparable and people have to embrace it this way. So, this is the kind of awareness I wanted to create before making a decision to partner with Uganda’s biggest online sports platform.”

Akullo, who needed no invitation to model with the glittering accolade while pushing her awareness drive is also a modelling trainer and a mental health counsellor.

The university Interior Designing and Architecture finalist also hosts a fashion show that airs on Magic One Television but on her YouTube channel as well. The show is dubbed, ‘The Crown’ on YouTube.

Her Beauty Studio, which is located on Wabyona Plaza in Bweyogerere, opposite Total petrol station offers a wide range of classic hair, makeup, pedicure and manicure services.

Akullo pulls off another pause with the 256 Footballer of the year Award / Bata Images

There is extremely no doubt that her addition to the project will help push the narrative that sport is part and parcel of the tourism sector. Sport might just be the biggest marketing tool anyone can ever get to know.

Meanwhile, this year’s edition is a heated contest between Yunus Sentamu, Eric Kambale and Taddeo Lwanga. The voting process is already underway and will go on till November 17.

Make sure to make your vote count by visiting our website, click on the icon with the images of the shortlisted players and follow the prompts. Every individual is entitled to a single vote every 24 hours.

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