January 24, 2022

SEE TV, KCCA sponsorship more than just a money deal

By Allan Damba
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Upon unveiling a new shirt sponsor in SEE TV, KCCA FC and the former have underlined that the deal has a lot encompassed therein than just money.

At the official announcement on Monday, November 8, at Omono Hotel, both the club CEO Anisha Muhoozi and the TV Chief of Growth, Robert Ssemakula asserted that the three year deal has so much more involved than just funds.

“As brands, we spent time leveraging the sponsorship. So, there are things within the contract and outside it,” said Ssemakula to the media immediately after the unveiling.

“We both have budgets to leverage the sponsorship and that goes way beyond the cheque. For instance, both of us have tens of thousands of followers, we shall be leveraging off each other’s fans,” he added.

Ssemakula also noted: “SEE TV mostly focuses on young people and women and so, we shall be programming beyond football. We shall be bringing a lot of interesting stories on the KCCA soccer pitch but also, off of it.”

“We are also going to look at the lives of the players off the pitch, their social lives, families, and so forth. So we are bringing all this to life. This is not just money and football but life of a Ugandan.”

Muhoozi reiterated the same but also made it a point that the deal is one of the steps towards strengthening the KCCA brand.

“The deal with SEE TV is part of the growth plan especially that our contract with StarTimes expired in June 2021. This partnership comes after a careful selection process and we believe that SEE TV is the right partner.”

“Football and broadcast move hand in hand and we know this is not just about the money, but about propelling each other to greater heights.”

“We have a lot of interesting programs that we have lined up with SEE TV. We have new content that is being readied for the viewers,” she added.

Before the expiry of the contract with StarTimes this year, KCCA and the former had been locked in the marriage since 2015.

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