December 9, 2021

Masaza Cup 2021: Sekabembe anticipates a more colourful tournament

By Edwin Kyle Kule
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Busiro Ssaza players celebrate a goal at the Masaza Cup | Courtesy photo

Minister of Youth, Sports and Recreation in the Buganda Kingdom, Owek. Henry Sekabembe Kiberu has tipped this year’s Masaza Cup tournament to be more colourful than the past editions.

The 2021 edition, just like it was in 2020 will be played behind closed doors, implying a number of challenges that arise from that fact. 

However, Sekabembe noted that with the strong love and support from the sponsors, the tournament will live up to the hype.

While speaking to the press during the Masaza Cup 2021 launch at Bulange Mengo, Sekabembe did not hide his excitement. 

 “I am excited to learn that this year’s Masaza Cup is about to kick off even when the country is partly locked,” Sekabembe said.

“Last year’s edition was a big test and trial to the organising committee but they stood strong. It is an honour to see our sponsors push us even in hard times which only confirms that the tournament will be a success,” he added.

“We send a vote of thanks to the sponsors for being here during the hardest time.”

“It would be your liberty to end the marriage since we no longer go to the local stadium but you preferred loyalty.”

However, Sekabembe added that this year’s edition will be used to extend a voice to the fight against AIDs in a campaign to chase it out of Uganda.

“The Buganda Kingdom does things on purpose and it is in that spirit that Kabaka does not only organise these games for entertainment but also to use them to change the lives of his people.”

“Just like it is this year and next year, we shall use these games to fight against the spread of AIDs, sending a voice to all the gents to save the female race by being conscious.”

“That is very important and we shall continue reminding everyone about this noble cause and work hard to see that the message reaches all corners of the Kingdom.”

In the same vain, USAID has come aboard to render support and finance for this noble cause. 

“When you look at all these big companies such as Airtel, Centenary and USAID joining us, it is clear that the tournament is growing and getting better.”

“FUFA do not only monitor the games but availing the required help and support through referees and giving us the (FUFA Technical Centre) the stadium in Njeru,” he noted.

The 17th edition of the Masaza Cup is set to kick off on Saturday, November 20, 2021, and His Majesty Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi is set to be the guest of honour at the grand opening.

The opening game will be between the defending champions Gomba against Kyadondo as 18 counties vie for the Masaza Cup triumph.

Masaza Cup 2021 Groups

Masengere: Gomba, Kyadondo, Ssingo, Kabula, Buluuli

Muganzirwazza: Buddu, Mawogola, Busujju, Buwekula, Butambala

Bulange: Busiro, Bugerere, Kyaggwe, Buvuma

Butikiro: Bulemezi, Kooki, Mawokota, Ssese

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