January 24, 2022

Pilsner Awards: League manager explains voting process 

By Brian Aheebwa
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A number of football followers in the country have always been left puzzled by the whole selection process of the Uganda Premier League’s best player and coach for the monthly Pilsner awards.

‘How can I vote for my favorite player and coach? And how did our coach or player not win when we massively voted for him,’ varying football fans have been repeatedly asking.

Basing on the lingering ‘how’ question, Football256 took an effort and engaged the StarTimes Uganda Premier League manager Paul Kabaikaramu.

“We consider statistics, online votes and there is also a set committee of people who closely follow the league,” Kabaikaramu noted before adding.

“Online voting carries 40% while statistics and the committee weigh bigger and that is 60%. This definitely means one’s statistics should really be high because the online votes are simply an add up.”

“Even if one scores highly online, it is not a guarantee that that player has won. He must be doing well statistically, just like it was for the player of the month of October,” he added.

Benjamin Ochan had the lion’s share of online votes, 64% compared to Cesar Manzoki’s 32% and Davis Kasirye’s 16% but it is the latter that emerged winner as Kabaikaramu explains why.

“Kasirye scored three goals in four game and was really instrumental in the general performance of KCCA, he had 16% online votes and four votes from the committee members.” 

“Manzoki played three games and scored three goals with one assist and had 32% online votes and got two votes from the committee members.”

“Ochan made three clean sheets out of the four games, one man of the match, 64% of the online votes but had only one vote from the committee members.”

“But, when all was tabulated; that is, the statistics, online votes and the votes from the committee, Kasirye was selected the winner with 43 percent.”

“It goes back to the fact that he had good statistics and was the most voted for by the committee members,” Kabaikaramu explained.

On the other hand, KCCA head coach Morley Byekwaso was named coach of the month beating Vipers’ Roberto Oliveira. Byekwaso took an accolade and one million Uganda shillings.

This was more clear from the statistics point of view given that Byekwaso won all the four games played in October while Oliveira won two and drew the other.

However, it is worth noting that Byekwaso got 68 percent of online votes while his counterpart in Oliveira had 32 percent.

Kabaikaramu noted that the turn up when it comes to online voting is still low and called upon the Ugandan football faithful to always visit the SUPL social media platforms mostly Facebook and Twitter to always vote whenever the nominees are announced.

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