December 9, 2021

Bikuuka R16 fixtures: What exactly each team needs to advance

By Baron Kironde
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Halasi Captain Mike Siu (R) leads Umukuuka, the late Sir Bob Mushikori in inspection of the team in last edition's Bikuuka final at Mbale SS playground | Photo by Benon Nakibuuyi

The last day in this year’s Bikuuka Sports Football Tournament has come so early for eight of the last 16 clan teams.

Some of them tried so hard and succeeded at prolonging their stay in the tournament, by insisting on playing two fixtures in the round of 16, otherwise, they would be out by now.

For those sides that have been doing a lot of running, there is no more space and time for them to hide anymore; Only 90 minutes remain to decide who gets closer to glory.

Only eight will progress to the quarterfinals, as even in case of an aggregate tie after full-time, spot kicks will still have to decide an ultimate winner.

Sunday will see the climax of the round of 16 phase as the last three to be cut off plus the last three to continue will be confirmed at three different venues at the same time, for all games will kick-off at 2:00 pm.

Before that, two will have gone home by Friday, as two will also have made it through, and on Saturday, as three will be retained on the list, the other three will sadly be pushed out.

It is worthy to note that the away goals rule will be applied. All the eight fixtures, and what result each team needs to qualify for the quarters:

Friday, November, 19

Kigai vs Mutiru – (Agg 1-2)

All Kigai needs is a 1-0 win to qualify to the last eight on away goals rule given that they scored an important goal on road in their 2-1 loss to Mutiru in the first leg.

Should Mutiru score any goal, however, then Kigai will have no other option but to win the game with a margin of at least two or more goals.

Mutiru have several options to knock out Kigai; Any kind of win or any draw for the visitors will see them through. Mutiru also have a chance to go through even when Kigai wins – by a one goal margin and conceding in the process.

If Mutiru can hold on to defend their 2-1 lead against Kigai, then they will go on to face either Halasi or Luganya in the last eight.

Wakoko vs Mututa – (Agg 0-0)

Following their goalless stalemate in the first leg, another goalless draw after full time will implicate that spot kicks be implemented to decide the ultimate winner.

Any winner of the two will make it through to face Mukonde or Sulani in the quarters. For any draw with goals, however, Mututa progresses on the away goals rule.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Halasi vs Luganya – (Agg 1-0)

If Halasi win or draw in any way, they will go through. Luganya can only qualify to the next round by beating Halasi at their fortress by not less than two goals.

If Luganya win 1-0 after 90 minutes, for instance, they will have to emerge victorious in the spot kicks as well so that they can take on Kigai or Mutiru in the quarterfinal.

Ginyanya vs Hugu – (Agg 0-0)

None of the two teams found the back of each other’s net at Mutufu Playground when Hugu hosted Ginyanya a week back, any team that will win on Saturday will therefore progress direct to the quarterfinals to face one of Siu or Wabwala.

In case of any draw with goals, that is up to Ginyanya’s advantage as Hugu never scored against them while they played away from home.

Muyobo vs Wangokho – (Agg 1-1)

If the game finishes how it will start at the Buteza Seed SS Grounds on Saturday, then Muyobo will progress to the next round on away goals rule.

A one-all draw will lead to spotkicks to decide the ultimate winner, and any draw score of more than two goals (2-2, 3-3 or above) means that Wangokho goes through on away goals rule.

Besides tying, any win for either side will see them through to face Mubutu or Sano in the quarterfinals.

Sunday, November 20, 2021

Mukonde vs Sulani – (Agg 0-0)

After the goalless draw at Masaba SSS from where Mukonde missed a penalty last week, another goalless draw on Sunday will pave way for spotkicks to help identify the winner to play either Wakoko or Mututa in the next round.

Of course, any of the two sides will outrightly advance if they managed to win in any way, but should we see any stalemate with goals at Busamaga P/S on Sunday, then the defending Champions will be out and Sulani shall go through on away goals rule.

Siu vs Wabwala – (Agg 1-2)

Siu just need a 1-0 win to go on to the quarterfinals, having scored an important away goal as they lost 2-1 to Wabwala in the first leg.

Wabwala just need any kind of draw to go through, and if they can manage any other result greater on Sunday, even the better for them.

However, Siu should not let in any goal in Busiu on Sunday, or if they do, then they will have to beat Wabwala by not less than two goals to advance.

Even if Siu win by any one goal margin (like 2-1, 3-2, 4-3 or 10-9) but concede just one at home, Wabwala will still go through to play in the quarterfinals against Ginyanya or Hugu.

Mubutu vs Sano – (Agg 0-0)

Sano hosted Mubutu first, and no goals were recorded. Another goalless draw will let penalties decide the winner tussle it out with Muyobo or Wangokho in the next round.

For any draw with goals, Sano takes the away goal advantage to advance. Meanwhile, any one of the two sides that manages any kind of win against the other, will have booked a place in the quarter final.

The quarterfinals are slated for November 27 and 28 at Mbale SS Grounds and the Mbale Municipal Stadium.

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