December 9, 2021

New sponsorship deal is a huge motivation to the players

By Allan Damba
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Following Express FC’s unveiling of ‘YELLOW CARD’ as the new partner for the club’s player of the month award, club CEO Isaac Mwesigwa asserted that the deal was a motivating factor to the players.

The announcement of the new deal was made via the club’s official website on Tuesday, confirming that the Crypto currency exchange company partnered with the Red Eagles until the end of the first round of the 2021/22 season.

“The club welcomes YELLOW CARD on board, from the beginning we knew the player of the month award will definitely motivate the players and now that we have a partner, it’s even better.”

“I hope the partnership goes on, even in the coming seasons so we can both grow as brands. I would like to urge Express nation to join Yellow Card and experience the best crypto currency exchange platform,” he added.

As per the club, ‘YELLOW CARD’ takes over the naming rights of the monthly award, starting with the month of October which saw assistant captain and midfielder Abel Etrude win the reward.

The award will henceforth be called ‘THE YELLOW CARD EXPRESS FC PLAYER OF THE MONTH’ with the winner earning a cash prize of Ugx 200,000shs.

Yellow Card Head of Operations, Abel Namureba also welcomed the move, underlining that the move will provide great yields for both parties.

“We’re so happy to partner with a brand like Express FC. Being the league and CECAFA Kagame Cup champions, this without a doubt is a great partnership.”

“As Yellow Card, we believe this partnership is for the better and to the players, this surely will motivate them more. We believe Express will provide a great platform for people to understand the crypto currency exchange program.”

Despite it being a short-term contract, the club, like all the others in the league, will surely welcome any kind of partnerships that add any means of finance especially in the dark Covid-19 times.

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