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May 26, 2022

AFCON 2021: Homes in Nigeria divided over Super Eagles, Zee World, Telemundo

By Brian Aheebwa
The Super Eagles of Nigeria before they faced Sudan | Adepoju Tobi Samuel - OgaNla Media

It is just two games played for the Super Eagles at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations so far but some homes in Nigeria are already divided over what to watch on TV.

Men want to watch the AFCON tournament especially when Nigeria is in action whereas women have always watched soap operas on Zee World and Telemundo.

The three time AFCON winners started impressively by winning two of their three Group D games that are against Egypt and Sudan and they are through to the knockouts stages.

However much it would be pleasing for their nation to bring the trophy home from Cameroon, the women can not wait for the tournament to conclude so that they go back to normal programming.

“My husband pays so much attention these days since the tournament started, most especially with Nigeria’s performance, he now takes pleasure in analysing the matches,” Nkechi Uba, a Point Of Sale operator told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) before adding.

“I just can not wait for it to end, after watching Nigeria’s match he still watches other countries’ matches, why? Where does his loyalty lie?” she questioned.

Some women are already getting used to watching repeats of their so-called ‘unavoidable’ shows.

“If not that Zee World and Telemundo always repeat the shows, it would have been more painful, but at least I watch it again,” Olamide Taiwo, a businesswoman who deals in children clothes said.

“I understand that it is not all the time that my husband drags the remote with me, but DSTV has done it so that you can catch up on all the shows.”

“Although I still can not wait for it to end because most times my friends are calling and giving me spoilers, at least I get to watch it again,” Taiwo added.

On the other hand, since some of these games happen late in the evening, men think watching from home would save them a lot.

“Naturally, most men would rather watch at a joint, where they can drink and exchange banter with fellow men and have a good time, but these women will think you are out doing something shady,” Kingsley Orji told the News Agency of Nigeria.

“So, if missing their shows is the price they have to pay then so be it because once you watch at home they are rest assured that you are not up to anything,” he said.

Meanwhile, there are also those women who are free with it and make it easy for their men to watch the games at home without any problem.

“She will not even mind if I am home, I am rarely home due to the nature of my job, and she makes it comfortable and ensured my beer was available,” Jerad Okon, a taxi driver, told NAN.

“We do not have to fight over who handles the remote, we understand each other that AFCON comes once in two years or so, she will do anything to make me watch at home, he noted.

What is happening in Nigeria is just an example of what exactly is happening elsewhere in Africa especially in the 24 countries that are represented at the tournament in Cameroon.

The greatest football showpiece on the African continent started on January 9 and runs through until February 6.

Group stage games climax starting today with Group A where the hosts Cameroon belong while Nigeria will wind up its group games against Guinea Bissau on Wednesday, January 19.

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