At least four changes expected in Magogo’s new Executive

If everything goes according to plan like it is expected too, Moses Magogo will start his third tenure as the President of the Federation of the Uganda Football Associations (FUFA).

He is expected to maintain the same faces on his executive although three faces are likely not to return.

Veteran football administrator Midi Juma who has been a Kampala delegate like forever is replaced by Appollo Ahibisibwe much as the latter is not a delegate.

While Chirs Kalibala from Western will have his place on the executive occupied by Frank Akunzire.

Former Cranes international Dan Obote will represent the northern region on the executive replacing Kaklyebala Mukiidi.

Sam Mpiima who served on the executive under Lawrence Mulindwa and partly under Magogo returns to represent Buganda.

Magogo has also maintained all his deputies, Justus Mugisha will remain first vice president, Darius Mugoye second vice president with Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi his third vice president.

Rogers Byamukama will return to represent the Kitara region, Richard Ochom – North Eastern, Issa Magoola – Eastern, Agnes Mugena – Women

Former federation publicist Rogers Mulindwa and Kalema Ronnie will be maintained as members of the executive. The new executive is meant to be approved on Augsut 21st at the FUFA AGM in Mbale

FUFA’s full Executive 2021 – 2025

  1. Moses Magogo – President
  2. Justus Mugisha – First VP
  3. Darius Mugoye – Second VP
  4. Florence Nakiwala – Third VP clubs
  5. Rogers Byamukama – Kitara
  6. 06. Apollo Ahimbisibwe – Kampala
  7. Richard Ochom – North Eastern
  8. Dan Obote – Northern
  9. Rasur Ariga – West Nile
  10. Sam Mpiima – Buganda
  11. Rogers Mulindwa – Buganda
  12. Frank Akunzire – Western
  13. Issa Magoola – Eastern
  14. Agnes Mugena – Women
  15. Kalema Ronnie – Referees

FUFA Executive 2017 – 2021                       

  1. Moses Hassim Magogo – President                                        
  2. Justus Mugisha – 1st Vice President                           
  3. Darius Mugoye – 2nd Vice president                               
  4. Florence Nakiwala  Kiyingi – third Vice President                               
  5. Rogers Byamukama – Kitara
  6. Hamid Juma – Kampala
  7. Abdul Lukooya Sekabira – Buganda
  8. Issa Magooola – Eastern
  9. Richard Ochom – North East
  10. Kaklyebala Mukiidi – Northern
  11. Rasoul Ariga – West Nile
  12. Chris Kalibala – Western
  13. Agnes Mugena – Women
  14. Ronnie Kalema – co-opted
  15. Rogers Mulinwa – Co-opted

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