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Beckham travels to the future, returns to announce the end of Malaria

By Football256 Team
Football legend David Beckham (R) | Courtesy photo

England and Manchester United legend David Beckham has ‘travelled from the future’ to bring a message of hope that one of the world’s oldest deadliest disease Malaria can be eradicated.

The message of optimism and hope to the communities that continue to face devastating effects from Malaria and in the midst of the prevailing coronavirus pandemic was delivered through a short film that Beckham featured in.

Through the campaign ‘Malaria Must Die, So Millions Can Live’ which has been backed by a worldwide coalition of organisations has championed the creation of the movie.

The former England captain is a founding member of Malaria No More UK Leadership Council and has championed the fight against Malaria for over a decade with the campaign.

Beckham also serves as a Goodwill Ambassador with UNICEF through which he has affected the lives of people who have been affected by Malaria in countries like Sierra Leone and Uganda.

Developed by Ridley Scott Creative Group and directed by John Felipe, the short film features an older Bekham delivering a speech to a large crowd.

As he continues to speak, a visual transformation takes place, and the older man changes back into David Beckham today, speaking as a father and directly to everyone watching, about how a future free of malaria in our lifetimes is entirely possible – but only if we keep up the fight.

“The fight against malaria is a cause close to my heart because the disease remains a huge killer of children and we have the opportunity to change that in our lifetime,” Beckham said.

“I’ve worked with Malaria No More UK since 2009, supporting campaigns and helping shine a light on the challenge.”

“Their campaigns always use great creativity and innovation to attract attention to the issue and I’m delighted also to have met some of the inspiring people who are working so hard to end this disease,” the former Real Madrid man added.

Malaria has plagued humanity throughout history and ending it has, at times, felt like a distant dream. Progress to end the disease has stalled over recent years.

Countries and leaders need to maintain funding, commit to greater access to existing tools and invest in new transformative tools to ensure that ending malaria is a high priority.

Experts convened by the World Health Organisation (WHO) agree that malaria eradication is likely to save millions of lives and billions of dollars.

This year’s WHO World Malaria Report, shows that now is not the time to step away, with over 400,000 malaria deaths reported in 2019, predominantly among children under five across Sub-Saharan Africa.

The report also reveals that COVID-19 poses a threat to malaria progress, but that existing investment and infrastructure to date – combined with a remarkable collective effort – has enabled countries to fight back.

Most malaria prevention campaigns moved forward in 2020 without major delays – millions of mosquito nets will have been delivered by end of year, hundreds of thousands of houses have been sprayed with insecticide, and millions of children have been reached with preventative treatment.

However, even with the remarkable actions taken by countries, malaria cases and deaths may rise since history has shown that malaria will return with a vengeance when health systems are disrupted.

The World Malaria Report shows that interruptions in diagnosis and treatment have ranged from between 5% to 50%, and the full impact of COVID-19 on malaria responses may not be known for some time.

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