Busoga United committed to clearing outstanding players’ salary arrears

By Edwin Kyle Edwin

The world’s economy has been hit since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic with incomes affected due to a halt in business and economic activities yet expenditure has remained almost constant.

With the leading multi nationals and highest sellers struggling to break even, one has to worry for the majority of Uganda Premier League clubs who run on meagre budgets.

The lack of football activity since the Ugandan government announced a lockdown, halting sports activities in March has greatly affected income and cashflow streams of UPL clubs.

The fact that league sponsors StarTimes also did not effect the payment for the sponsorship funds in the final quarter of the season did not help matters.

Busoga United have not been left behind with the financial struggles, with players recently coming out to air their dissatisfaction with the club administration after going months without pay, threatening to strike if their grievances are not dealt with promptly.

However, the club has addressed the players’ concerns and have made clear their intention to fully settle the outstanding arrears with their staff.

According to a statement released by Busoga United, the club acknowledged the unpaid arrears and the frustration that comes over the delayed payment but promised to duly settle all arrears once the situation improves.

“We indeed owe players their unpaid dues and share their frustration over the delay,” a statement from Busoga United said.

“It’s a scary time, just like other clubs and businesses, COVID-19 hit us hard but we are establishing new avenues to raise our finances.”

“We are committed to ensuring that the players’ arrears are cleared and we are confident that this will be handled in the best way possible.”

“Players’ arrears are currently the club’s first priority obligation and the club is fighting tooth and nail to secure the funds needed to settle the outstanding dues.”

“However, details of our contractual obligation to the players remain confidential.”

The statement signed by Busoga United CEO Andrew Ndyabahika further noted: “We have kept close contact with our players more than ever before and we are confident that they trust our efforts,” the statement continued.

“Our players are professional enough and aware of the proper channels to voice their concerns and their belief in the dialogue.”

“We wish to protect our players from all allegations and false prophecies. It’s our moments of struggle that define us, how we handle them matters; We are a family that shall remain strong together.”

Busoga United finished the 2019/2020 Uganda Premier League season in fourth, the club’s best-ever finish in history with 42 points from 25 games.

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