Cameroon: Club presidents resolve to ‘suffocate’ league management body

By Angu Lesley – Cameroon

The presidents of top-flight and second-tier championship clubs in Cameroon have resolved to dissolve the Cameroon Professional Football League (LFPC) with immediate effect.

This follows an Extra-Ordinary General Assembly meeting that was held at the CAF Excellence Center in Mbankomo on Friday afternoon.

The presidents or representatives of various Cameroon clubs including Union Sportive of Douala, Ngaoundere FC, AS Matelots, Renaissance FC, Fovu Club and Dragon Yaoundé were in attendance.

Others included YAFOOT FC, Unisport of Bafang, Eding Sport de la Lekie, PWD Social Club, APEJES, TKC, Astres, Racing Bafoussam, YOSA, Foncha Street FC and Djiko FC as the resolution was reached.

This comes barely two days after the LFPC had a similar event and adopted the rules and regulations of the upcoming season amongst other resolutions.

“The members in attendance have decided unanimously to opt for the dissolution of the Cameroon Football League with immediate effect,” Ngaoundere FC president Prosper Nkou Mvondo told media.

The president of the Cameroon Football League Pierre Semengue (retired Military General) didn’t attend the meeting while representatives from Djiko FC and Ngaoundere FC who notably attended Tuesday’s meeting organized by the LFPC were in attendance.

Cameroon Professional Football League came into existence in the build up to the 2011 season in Cameroon to the approval of the many.

Unfortunately, over time the institution hasn’t created the expected impact over time consequently leading to its suspension by FECAFOOT and the institution of the Cameroon Transitional Technical committee last season.

LFPC however succeeded in its legal battle to achieve its reinstatement last month.

However, there has been a tensed atmosphere between LFPC, FECAFOOT, club presidents and to an extent the Cameroon Ministry of Sports and Physical Education since this decision was made public close to three weeks ago.

The LFPC has however published fixtures for the upcoming season and the first game pits Cottonsport and Panthère this weekend in Yaoundé-Cameroon but it is unclear if this will be respected or not especially with the new twist.

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