July 5, 2022

CECAFA: FUFA’s pledge to Express will be fulfilled – Magogo

By Brian Aheebwa
Express FC celebrate winning the 2021 CECAFA Kagame Cup | Courtesy photo

FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo has promised that FUFA’s pledge to Express FC for winning the CECAFA Club Championship in August 2021 will be fulfilled despite the delay.

After their 2-1 semifinal victory over Zanzibar’s KMKM, Magogo paid a courtesy visit to the Red Eagles’ camp in Tanzania and promised them a sum of USD. 25,000 from the federation should they win the title.

The 2020/21 StarTimes Uganda Premier League champions went on and defeated Malawian side Nyasa Big Bullets 1-0. However, they are yet to receive their winning bonuses nine months down the road.

“It is not mandatory but we do this to motivate these teams and I think it is good,” Magogo told Football256 in an interview before adding.

“People should know that there are very many outstanding expenditures we have not met because there are very many outstanding incomes we have also not achieved.”

“It is not that that money is redundant somewhere and it is not being paid we generate revenues, and some of the people we get money from, sponsors, CAF, and FIFA also delay.”

“That is where we get the money from before we pay it so we can not pay what we have not received.”

“We operate an income-expenditure business but the point is we shall still pay just like we have always done so Express should be a little more patient,” he added.

A promise is a debt they say, so Express can only hope that it is just a delay given that their rivals KCCA FC also endured the same when they won the Kagame Cup in 2019.

The Kasasiro Boys won the tournament in July 2019 but received their winning bonus as pledged by FUFA in May 2020, 10 months later.

When the USD. 25,000 is divided among the 21 Express players, the three members of the coaching staff, and the leader of the delegation, each individual is entitled to at the least, USD. 1,000.

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