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Clubs to meet cost for tests as FUFA issues COVID-19 guidelines

By Clive Kyazze
Mandela National Stadium | Courtesy photo

Not yet official when the 2020/2021 football season will start in Uganda, but we have December 3rd as the set date with draft fixtures at our disposal.

But with the league main sponsors and broadcaster StarTimes starting a social countdown, it seems all is set and Thursday, December 3rd is the date.

To give more assurance that football action will return sooner rather than later, FUFA has issued clubs with the ‘FUFA COVID-19 Regulations 2020.’

And according to FUFA, the regulations; “shall be the rules governing the application of COVID-19 guidelines in FUFA organised and authorised competitions in Uganda.”

They will; “apply to association football inclusive of beach soccer and futsal for men and women,” the statement clarified.

Chapter two of the document asserts that; “Each club or team shall meet the cost of the COVID-19 PCR test of their participants.” With FUFA taking; “responsibility for the COVID-19 PCR test for Match Officials.

And; “Only holders of PCR Negative Certificates shall participate in the match,” the document clarifies.

This though is contrary to what FUFA had initially stated that they would meet the cost of the first round of testing and later deduct the money from the club’s sponsorship fees.

Chapter eight of the regulations highlights that, “each Club/Team will be allowed to register thirty-two (32), players.”

Article two also notes that; “a match must be played if the club/team has eleven (11) players (including a goalkeeper) and four (4) substitutes.”

The third explains; “A Club/Team that fails to honour a match due to a matter relating to COVID-19, the Club/Team in question shall be considered to have lost the game 3-0.

Out of the 32 players, each team will register; “a club/team that does not have the minimum number of players of eleven (11) players (including a goal keeper) and four (4) substitutes, the club/team will be considered to have lost the match 3-0.”

With article five referring any exceptional circumstances to the Competitions Disciplinary Panel for a final decision.

“No match shall be postponed or cancelled for positive cases of COVID-19 PCR test,” article six states.

All matches shall be played without spectators, and they will only be allowed to watch games with written permission from FUFA. And there will be severe punishment for any club that will fail to adhere.

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