Details of Najjemba’s contract with England based player agency

England based World in Motion player agency has signed budding star Fauzia Najjemba on a one-year contract.

The player management contract is devoid of any fees or payment to the player until the player turns 18-years-old in October next year.

Beyond negotiating employment-and transfer deals, the agency will also handle the sponsorship packages and endorsement negotiations on behalf of the player.

Some of the clauses in the contract include a 7% payment to the intermediary and VAT of the player’s basic gross income resulting from any employment contract.

This amount shall also be payable as a lump sum at the commencement of the contract.

As regards any sponsorship contract, the player shall pay 20% to the intermediary also payable at the beginning of the contract.

In regard to media engagements, the player shall conduct only four interviews per year with each interview lasting not more than twenty minutes to be used as promotion of the intermediary.

The agreement shall automatically be terminated if the intermediary’s registration with the FA expires and doesn’t renew the said registration within 14 days.

All the above shall be in accordance with the requirements of the FA and FIFA regulations on relations with intermediaries

Najjemba becomes the second-high profile female player to sign for an agency after Juliet Nalukenge became the first female player to join Tushar Ruparelia’s Pro Zone player agency.

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