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VIDEO: ‘Do not vote an opposition member’ – Mbidde warns

By Allan Damba
SC Villa presidential aspirant Denis Mbidde | Courtesy photo

Partisan politics has taken over and eaten up the SC Villa Presidential elections, with aspirant Dennis Mbidde Ssebugwawo coming out to warn voters about voting for opposition head-honcho Medard Lubega Ssegona.

Ssegona and Mbidde are the two men in the highly-anticipated race which is gathering proper heat for every passing second.

Ssegona is a bigwig at National Unity Platform, Uganda’s main opposition party, and to Mbidde, this is a plot to wipe Villa away.

“Our club has people who want to completely erase it away. We have sent many people over the years who did not know what to do,” Mbidde spoke while unveiling his executive members.

He later turned guns to his fellow contestant referring to him as an enemy to the club whose objective is to oversee its downfall.

“If you decide to give our club to the opposition, it means you have painted it ‘opposition.’ Express FC was banned in 1977 for indulging in politics, so we do not want a repeat of such.”

“For some of us who are old enough, we know how politics runs in this country. If you leave the opposition to take over our club, there will reach a time when we will not even be allowed to hold these kinds of meetings,” he added.

This, he said before highlighting the team’s need to align with the government as they seek a renaissance.

“President Museveni has previously given us three buses. We all dream of having a home but, who has the USD 5million needed? It is Museveni, but can he give that money to an opposition member?” questioned Mbidde.

“These people are only planning to erase our club, and they have done it for a long time. This time, they have decided to front one who will sink it completely.”

“This club will not survive with an opposition leader. At some point(in the future), we shall have government spies everywhere instead of fans in the stadia because of this,” Mbidde summed up.

Every day that passes tables more reason to anticipate with the election slated for August 28, 2021. With politics engulfing the Jogoo, it is safer to call it an NRM versus NUP poll.

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