Egypt: EFA lifts ban on signing foreign goalkeepers

By Omolagba Oluwayemi – Nigeria

For the last 11 years, Egyptian clubs have been unable to sign goalkeepers from outside in a bid to solve what experts called a ‘goalkeeping crisis’ back in 2009.

The Egyptian Football Association took this decision to help Egypt coach Hassan Shehata find new goalkeepers in the domestic league after most of the mid-table and lowly teams favoured foreign ones.

But currently, Egypt’s topflight clubs will be able to add an extra foreign national from any country for the 2021/22 season after the foreign quota was increased from four to five next season.

Under the current quota, clubs were allowed to register four foreign players, with each team also allowed to bring in an additional fifth player from Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, or Libya only.

“Each team will be able to register up to five foreign players regardless of their positions on the pitch, while the winter transfer market would remain in its usual date in January,” the EFA said in a statement after a meeting with representatives of Egyptian Premier League clubs.

According to the EFA statement, the clubs called for putting off the formation of the Egyptian professional football clubs union until next season.

The clubs also asked the EFA to provide an alternative for the Video Assistant Referee technology (VAR) if the system suddenly stopped.

VAR was to the Egyptian top-flight last season and the EFA management recently insisted the current season will continue using the technology despite objections by several clubs.

EFA President Ahmed Megahed stressed on Monday that he hopes the league will end as usual in July, but that would be difficult as the available VAR devices only support playing each round games every three days.

The domestic competition was suspended for almost five months last season due to the coronavirus pandemic to end unusually late in October.

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