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Frozen-out URA star Kagimu vows to keep fighting to be free

By Peter Tabu
Former URA FC captain Shafik Kagimu |

November 4th, 2022 was a normal training day at URA FC for Shafik Kagimu and the rest of the players.

However, just as the session got done, the team manager Mr. Okabo Sam along with the CEO Allan Munaaba informed the group about a performance contract everyone had to sign.

“They showed up after training and said we all MUST sign a performance contract which stated that we’d all receive half pay of our November salaries due to the team’s poor performance something I disagreed with” Kagimu stated.

The tax collectors at the time had managed only one win in five league games a situation the club management wanted to arrest by finning players.

“We would like to inform you that URA FC management has decided to notify you of your poor performance and to this effect, you’ll receive half of your salary for November 2022” read part of the document Football256 has seen.

Football256 reliably understands that all but four players in Shafik Kagimu, George Senkaaba, Joachim Ojera, and Derrick Nsibambi refused to sign the document, however, Nsibambi and Senkaaba later signed and were reinstated into the team.

Kagimu says he was then suspended until further notice by the club.

“Following your poor performance and bad attitude towards the club and the team, you are hereby informed not to appear in the training sessions and match participation until further notice” read part of Kagimu’s suspension letter.

He however wrote back seeking clarification on the way forward including asking to have his contract terminated if need be.

“When I got suspended, I gave it a few days and wrote back asking for a way forward,” he stated before adding.

“You can’t deduct my salary based on performance midway through the season because they’re several factors involved also we didn’t agree on that in my contract at the start, that’s not right.” 

Kuchi, who has sat out since November believes the club administration handled the whole process wrongly.

“You can’t say all the players performed poorly and therefore must get half pay.” he fumed before adding.

“We have injured players and rookies, are they also part of the poor performance? So the process wasn’t well handled, I think we should have had a team meeting and discussed at length.” he asserts.

The former club captain also adds that he relinquished his captaincy role voluntarily but can’t stand football administrators who take advantage of players.

“I stepped down as captain in good faith, it was my decision that I must say but I dislike football administrators who take us (players) for granted, I am willing to stand up for it,” he concluded.

Football256 reached out to the club CEO Allan Munaaba for a comment and he asserts that the club was within its right to have players sign that performance contract.

“The performance contract was given to all players at the club, be it injured, young, or experienced.”

“Because the club board evaluated the team’s performance at the time and felt it necessary to fine the players for poor performance,” he revealed before expounding on the Kagimu issue.

“For Shafik, is still suspended as investigations continue regarding his improper conduct. Players are supposed to be held accountable for their actions and that’s what we’ve done even for Joackim Ojera.”

Tasked further about why the club didn’t engage the players first before they signed the performance contracts, Munaaba stressed that the club calls the shots especially if it believes that players aren’t giving 100%.

“By the way, the first thing was for the players to accept receipt of the performance contract and then share their sentiments.”

“But they (4 players) refused to even receive it and that tantamount to insubordination, we’re willing to listen but they have to first acknowledge receipt first” he stressed.

As the tax collectors wrap up the first round, it remains to be seen if the two frozen-out players in Shafik Kagimu and Joachim Ojera will return in time for the second round to boost the four-time league champions.

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