December 9, 2021

FUFA resorts to a single-group Big League format

By Baron Kironde
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Arua Hill SC players celebrate with the FUFA Big League trophy | Arua Hill SC photo

The FUFA Executive Committee (EXCOM) has resolved to merge the two Big League groups (Elgon and Rwenzori) into a single league group with only twelve teams at least for the inaugural season.

The decision was agreed upon after convening on Wednesday last week (October 13) at Sky Beach Hotel, Garuga where several other topics also made the discussion agenda.

“Going forward and starting with the 2021/2022 campaign, the FUFA Big League shall be played as a single league,” FUFA officially announced through their various social media platforms on Monday, October 18.

The format of play in the 2021/22 FUFA Big League season will be such that the twelve teams get to play each other on a home and away basis, as structured by FUFA.

Of the twelve teams that will be competing in this new arrangement of the FUFA Big League, the four-that will be bottom of the table at the end of the season, will be relegated.

This will reduce the number of teams to eight, which eight will be joined by yet another eight teams from the FUFA Regional competitions (only those that lead their respective groups) so as to make up for 16 teams for the 2022/23 season.

Although the federation is yet to officially announce the criteria to be followed in promotion from the Big League to the topflight league, the anticipation is that the top two teams will earn automatic promotion.

The third placed team as expected will attain promotion to the topflight only through successfully negotiating a playoff, like it has been the case though during the two groups reign.

It will be through this merit-based system that semifinal opponents will be paired. The third placed team will face the sixth while the fourth shall take on the fifth in the second semifinal when the season has been played to conclusion.

Whether or not the semifinals will be a two-legged affair is yet to be revealed but the winners of this particular stage will progress to the playoff final from which the ultimate winner takes up the third promotion position to the UPL.

As the norm should be that success is rewarded while failure is punished, the three promoted teams from the Big League will be replaced by the bottom three from the top division when it is all said and done.

As Uganda Premier League continues to take centre stage with a host of matches already played, the kickoff dates of the Big League remain a mystery but FUFA commits to giving a confirmation in a period not far from now.

FUFA Big League teams: Blacks Power, Calvary FC, Kataka FC, Kitara FC, Kyetume FC, Luweero United, Maroons FC, MYDA, Ndejje University, Nyamityobora FC, Proline FC and Water FC

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