Inside Mutebi and Simbwa demands for employment placements

The intent is clear from both Mutebi and Ssimbwa that unless suitors that can match their demands come to town, the two football brains are willing to maintain their unprecedented football sabbatical.

Every football club in Uganda would wish to have a coach with the kind of experience and success guarantee that both Mike Hillary Mutebi and Sam Ssimbwa possess as regards football management.

It is therefore staggering that as the start of the new season edges closer, the two most celebrated football coaches from the pearl of Africa in recent history are lingering on the streets with neither local nor international advances.

The thinking from the majority of fans is that their demands-especially in the account of remuneration are unrealistic to clubs that are not Vipers SC, KCCA FC and URA FC.

So much so that even in the event that these clubs wish to employ them, the budget for the coaches’ wages, coupled with the transfer requirements are a mountain to climb. Others do not even dare to approach them.

Although a run of poor results was fronted in Mutebi’s sacking at KCCA, Football256 understands that it was simply a catalyst to enhance the decision because the two parties had failed to agree on certain financial compensations.

“My leaving KCCA had some financial implications because if I was supposed to continue at the club, there are details I had presented to the chairman (Martin Ssekajja),” Mutebi told this website in an interview.

“And this was in terms of remuneration of the technical staff, the standard of the wages was too clear for me, the other coaches, as well as the players. And I, think when he (Ssekajja) looked at it, the club could not match it and that is how I left.”

“One may look at all that as being expensive but that is the requirement, to have good results everyone is supposed to be satisfied in one way or the other,” he added.

After departing KCCA, Vipers SC was suggested as Mutebi’s next destination because if not those two alongside URA probably, which other clubs in Uganda would surely match his demands?

“Most of these top clubs in Uganda had previously contacted me meaning they have the capability but I am not so desperate that I will just go to any club.”

“You know most of these clubs in Uganda do not have proper plans, the objective is to buy a coach and try to win trophies no bigger picture at all.”

“No nurturing talent, no strength of the technical team, they do not look at the financial implication and you expect to just go into such, no that is not me,” Mutebi added.

Then what is Mutebi’s objective before joining accepting to join a football club? “I personally look beyond winning trophies.”

“Because that is the only way a team can dominate. So, meanwhile, I am holding on as my agent continues to discuss with different clubs then, in the end, we shall see which one suits me better,” Mutebi noted.

On the other hand, his counterpart Ssimbwa appears to be without an employment opportunity yet following his departure from URA FC. Something that was prompted by a failure to agree with the club hierarchy over a salary increment.

It’s alleged that Ssimbwa wanted a net salary in a region of (7 -10million) from the Tax Collectors and he insists that the wage requirements have to be matched by any club interested in his services.

“URA could afford the money because it is one of the biggest government entities, if coaches at KCCA, Vipers and Express were being paid higher than five million then why not at URA?”

“First and foremost from the start of my three year contract, the agreement was that every season we improve, the salary for the entire technical team also increases, that did not happen.”

“The manner in which the whole situation was handled was unfair because after me tabling the request on behalf of my team, I was not called for negotiations.”

“Yes if 10 million was high they would have told me what their increased offer was, which did not happen,” the uncontented Ssimbwa noted.

Ssimbwa insisted: “The truth of the matter is I will not settle for less, which means I will not go to Arua and work for five million, I will be pinned here and there but the game has evolved.”

At least there was a time when I used to work at certain clubs for even less than five million, why should I stagnate now where my game has also improved,” he questioned.

The aforementioned demands from the gaffer are surely a stretch for league newbies Gaddafi FC who seem to have an interest in Simbwa despite his desire to coach outside the confines of Uganda.

The intent is clear from both Mutebi and Ssimbwa that unless suitors that can match their demands come to town, the two football brains are willing to maintain their unprecedented football sabbatical.

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