Kenya court freezes FKF accounts over former Cranes coach Williamson debt

A Labour and Employment Relations court in Kenya has ordered for the freezing of three Football Kenya Federation accounts with immediate effect over failure to settle a pending compensation to former Uganda Cranes coach Bobby Williamson.

Bobby Williamson was head coach of Kenya’s Harambee between 2014 and 2016 before he was dismissed under unclear circumstances.

The Scott then dragged Nick Mwendwa’s FKF to the Labour court seeking compensation for wrongful dismissal.

With FKF failing to argue their case out, Kenya’s Labour court ruled in October 2019 that FKF compensate Williamson with KSHS 55 million (approx. UGX 1.95 billion) for wrongful dismissal.

However, FKF have failed to clear the fine imposed on them, prompting Williamson and his representatives to return to court seeking justice.

“It is hereby ordered that an ex-parte order nisi against the garnishee herein attaching forthwith all the funds held in a bank account due to the judgement debtor to satisfy the balance of decretal sum being KSHS 57,371,363.33.”

“That the application herein is certified as urgent and service upon the garnishee be dispensed within the first instance on account of its urgency,” read part of the ruling.

The ruling means that FKF will not have access to any of their accounts until they settle the fine or reach an agreement on how to settle the issue.

Williamson was appointed by as head coach of the Harambee Stars in August 2014 by former FKF president Sam Nyamweya replacing Adel Amrouche who was sacked following a suspension by CAF for unsporting behaviour.

However, in February 2016, Williamson learnt via news reports that he had been sacked and replaced by Stanley Okumbi, a decision he termed as naïve and disrespectful from the federation.

“I remember meeting the president [Mwendwa] once, after elections, and he told me he had a lot to think about,” Williamson told in an earlier interview.

“A bit later, I discovered via the press that I had been replaced. No phone call, no letter, nothing and I found that disrespectful.”

I don’t think they had been in that position before and their decision was down to naivety. It hurt more when I tried to reach them but received no response,” Bobby added.

The Kenyan Federation has recently been on the wrong side of the news with botched elections, but also because they lost another case against another former coach Adel Amrouche.

In March 2020, FIFA ordered the FKF to pay the Algerian KSHS 108 million over unlawful dismissal.  

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