FUFA is now a ‘top of the mind’ brand – Magogo

Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) president Moses Magogo has called for a more positive criticism towards football and the football governing body.

Magogo revealed that his administration should garner more support from stakeholders after it has helped build on the achievements of his predecessor Lawrence Mulindwa by turning the institution into a ‘top of the mind’ brand.

“The story needs to be told such that people understand where football in this country is coming from and where it is going,” Magogo said during a media engagement on Tuesday morning at Jevine Hotel in Rubaga.

“Recently, we have observed that individuals have been distorting the energies that FUFA has put together to get football in the right direction. Some of them are players, coaches and others are in media.”

“When I talk about the state of football from our point of view, when my administration came into office in 2013, football was in a state of recovery after the preceding eight years where we helped it reach that state.”

“In 2005, football was in total anarchy, the national team was completely void of hope, results from national competitions could not be believed but the game moved to a point of take off,” he continued.

“But since I came in, we have helped improve on that and there are indicators to that in terms of structure, governance, resources and even competitions.”

“For example, in 2013 the annual turnover of FUFA was four billion shillings and that has improved to close to UGX 40 billion.”

“We now have our national teams qualify for different continental competitions with the U20 Hippos recently reaching the Africa Cup of nations final. All that value addition came from deliberate efforts from us.”

“Today, we have an institution called FUFA that is present, a top of the mind brand, one capable of superintending over the increasing demands of the game of football,” Magogo said.

There is no question that Magogo will inevitably run for a third term after he declared his intentions to run for a third term in the forthcoming election due August.

Magogo has been at the helm of FUFA for eight years with his second term ending in August 2021, after which he will embark on a chasing for a third.

Another four years that he believes he has earned after overseeing deliberate and significant development of football structures in the country even in the midst of calls for him to resign.

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