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Mutebi opens lid on match fixing scandals

By Clive Kyazze
KCCA FC manager Mike Mutebi had a lot to say and promise to the ED, fans and officials

On December 4th, 2018 The Commission of Inquiry into football officiation handed over its final report to FUFA.

While speaking at the handover ceremony, chairman of the commission Rt. Hon. Dan Kidega assured the media present and the general public how the game of football in Uganda needed immediate attention in the area of match fixing.

“We found out serious problems in match officiation in Uganda. We walked through the various witnesses and we discovered that there were very many critical cases of bribery and match fixing,” Kidega was quoted by

One of the ‘various witnesses’ the commission examined included KCCA FC manager Mike Mutebi, who has time and again publicly said how league games in Uganda are being fixed. 

“I can put my arm to be sacrifised because I know it’s true,” Mutebi told journalists on Monday morning at Lugogo.

“Mr Misagga came and told me what happened during the game against Vipers (last season in Masaka) and I asked him why he didn’t report to the authorities.”

“If he was making up stories, it’s up to him, but when I got a chance to go to the commission I told them everything that he told me and what I knew,” Mutebi added.

 Mutebi (M) speaking at the farewell party for the former KCCA Executive Director at Lugogo | Photo by Philip Mugabi

Much as no one has ever come out with concrete evidence, the match fixing stories have been around Ugandan football for sometime.

Club officials have on a number of occasions accused players of match fixing, others have even gone ahead and taken action on these players without substantial evidence most of the times.

Mutebi believes that for sometime, clubs have not won the league genuinely, some have been aided by referees others by the powers that be.

“All the titles that have been won in the last 20 years have been fixed, it only KCCA FC, Villa, Express, URA, its known but because some of you are not candid and frank, you know these things but your fear.”

Since 1998, KCCA, SC Villa, URA, Police and Vipers have all won the Ugandan top tier league, actually Villa won seven straight seasons between 1998 and 2004.

“There used to be a budget in those years, not only at KCCA but even at other clubs and we were always found out on the continent, it’s a fact.”

Mutebi emphasizes a point during a press conference at Lugogo | KCCA FC photo

It’s not the first time for Mutebi to candidly speak about the vice, after winning the 2016/2017 league title, he remarked.

“This is the first genuinely won title in a long time, all the previous titles have been fixed,”

Before Monday morning, he repeated the same on December 8th, 2018 as KCCA FC bid farewell to the former KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi.

The three time FUFA coach of the year is even willing to lose his job if his superiors feel he had crossed the line.

“If my employers feel wronged they can sack me but I am honest, it has been general and you know it, you know it, you know it and someone had to come out and say it.”

“We shall even start pointing at individuals who are involved, I don’t regret my actions because it’s for the betterment of the game,” he added.

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