July 5, 2022

Mutebi’s KCCA exit yet to sink in, 15 months on

By Allan Damba
Former KCCA FC coach Mike Mutebi gives instructions to some of his former players during training in 2017 | Courtesy photo

When legendary coach Mike Hillary Mutebi left his coaching role at KCCA FC in March 2021, the club reported it had been after mutual agreement between the two parties.

Even though it could easily, by sense be seen, that it was a tough one for him to take, Mutebi himself, reiterated on the different forums, that he was perfectly fine with his departure.

“I don’t regret anything, what I set out to do when I got the contract in 2015, I believe I have done, I set out to put in order the club, I have done that,” Mutebi said to Daily Monitor.

It’s the manner of his exit that stung him, but, that was then, 15 months ago.

One would imagine that with the success he achieved at the MTN Omondi Stadium, Lugogo, about a year and a half on, he should have moved on, a satisfied soul, but, the cries started immediately.

“But, I think some of the board members were not happy with me because it looked as if I was the face of the club and some board members thought they were missing in action, they wanted to be relevant, and I was trying as much as possible to take a back seat.”

The reknown tactician won three (03) League titles, two (02) Uganda Cups, Four (04) Super Cups and One (01) CECAFA Clubs Cup over the five year spell, making him the most successful Manager in the Club’s history.

So, why then does he keep sticking in a jibe at his ‘beloved’ every time he’s presented with the opportunity? Will Mutebi ever allow his exit to sink in?

Like it has been in the past since his departure, Mutebi threw a kick at the ‘Kasasiro Boys’ while appearing on NBS Sport on Tuesday.

“I can not go back at Lugogo, that chapter is closed,” he said before adding; “When I was at KCCA, I groomed young talent though some people there criticized me.”

“Some of those people know zero football and do not understand the technical bit of affairs,” he said some months back in an interview with Football256.

While appearing on NBS months ago still, Mutebi claimed how he had made the club money in excesses of billions from player sales. It has been the drill every moment he is interviewed about his former bosses. A statement he later retracted.

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