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My open letter to FUFA, lower division clubs

By Football256 Team

By Kamoga Sula

I am happy and blessed that I started football management at an amateur level and I experienced first-hand the way we were doing things.

During that time, we also lost many players to big clubs earning little or nothing from these players.

Lucky enough, I am managing football at a semi-professional level and at one time I have also acquired players the same way my players were taken from me while at an amateur level.

Personally, I think it’s the existing laws to blame which normally want to favour player growth and wanting players to always be on the pitch regardless of whether they have hurt their former employers.

The laws actually never favour the mother clubs as they want to assume that in the amateur setting issues are handled with less money involved which is not the case.

Secondly, our amateur clubs are also to blame. How can you give players money on a monthly basis without putting such a player under contract?

Many have failed to learn that players are the worst inconsiderate people that have ever existed on planet earth. A player will never appreciate you at whatever cost and basically, it is about educating people.

Elsewhere, on the issue of a player who wanted to beat a club chairman, First of all, it is gross indiscipline from such a player and secondly the chairman is to blame for engaging directly in the affairs of the club.

Lastly, I think going forward FUFA should not approve players contracts before inquiring from the players or clubs should submit players contracts in the presence of players and key clauses read to the players.

I know most clubs here change players contracts and they have got away with it.

The writer is the Chief Executive Officer of Uganda Premier league club Wakiso Giants and is also the Director Alpha Sports Management.

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