Ndahiro emotional as he departs Villa Park

By Baron Kironde

Derrick Ndahiro has waved goodbye to Villa Park as he is set to be announced as a URA player.

The lanky left back, though yet to be officially announced as a taxman has agreed to a three-year contract with URA.

“As some of you may already be aware, this week, I say goodbye to a glorious club that is SC Villa,” Ndahrio said in his statement before adding.

“I want to thank this club wholeheartedly for according me my first ever opportunity to play Premier League football. It has been a proud honour to represent this club.”

Ndahiro arrived at Villa Park three years ago, courtesy of Coach Moses Basena. With a small body and a big brain, he came from the lower division side of Namataba Rifo FC and took the UPL by storm.

“Over the years here (Villa), I have grown and become a better player. I am forever grateful to you Coach Moses. May God bless you richly.”

“To the Jogoo faithful that have supported me since the first day, I wore this jersey, Thank you! Easily the best fans in the republic. I hope you understand my pursuit for a new experience,” Ndahiro stated.

To his teammates over the years, Ndahiro has saluted them all: “Throughout all the challenges and happy times, it was a real honour to play alongside all of you. You all made me a better team player.”

He similarly thanked the technical staff; the coaches and administrators for their advice and guidance.

Ndahiro notes that it is sad, but it is about the right time he moves on, according to himself, with him many memories, lessons and great moments that will live with him forever.

“Finally, I would like to wish SC Villa success for the future. I will always cherish The Jogoo in my heart. You will always be a part of me,” Ndahiro concluded.

To URA, the ex Kamwokya United left back joins already confirmed U20 Defender Simon Baligeya, and soon to be announced players James Alitho and Living Kabon.

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