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Onduparaka fans plan campaign to rekindle relations with former sponsors Betway, club stand against it

By Football256 Team
Onduparaka FC has secured income from fans buying the club's merchandise including replica jerseys | Courtesy photo

Onduparaka fans planned to carry out a campaign in an effort to rekindle the now defunct partnership between the club and betting and gaming giants Betway.

The peaceful demonstration is slated for Friday, February 7, when Onduparaka host Express FC at the Green Light Stadium in Arua, in the StarTimes Uganda Premier League.

However, it seems this campaign will not go ahead after the club advised the fans not to go on with this campaign as it creates poor public relations, especially as the club is working at rejuvenating relations with the company at management level.

“Like Hon. Bernard Atiku aired out during his recent interview with Magic FM,” Feta Dradri Douglas a member of the club’s communications and marketing team told the fans before adding.

“)ur relationship with Betway is still on and one-day we all hope that we work together.”

“But for now let’s just respect the fact that they are sponsoring Express and there’s absolutely no need for us to try to send out a message through a Demo,” he added.

Betway sponsored Onduparaka between 2016 and 2018, as the club undertook their first seasons in the top flight, with the betting company still penetrating the Ugandan market.

From observation, the two parties had a symbiotic relationship, but the sponsorship contract was never renewed.

Betway’s walking out left a huge void to fill at the club, with the club struggling with an unrelenting financial crisis.  

It is upon that background that fans on the club’s Whatsapp group sparked a campaign to cry out for Betway’s return, with the Express game earmarked to give their pleas attention as it will be aired live on Sanyuka TV.

“Whoever has a Betway jersey please let’s don them this Friday as we face Express,” a fan named Assassin on his WhatsApp profile suggested.

His suggestion sparked a long conversation that captured the attention of others who came up with more plans and intentions.

Another fan named Abbey proposed the fans put together a message with the words; “BETWAY COME BACK”. which will be displayed through the game.

“Am definitely in support,” another famed fan Obetia commented.

Whereas X-Level had some questions to ask, “Who is kick starting the campaign? Is it us the fans or the management?”

“I go by fans as movers and shakers of the project, yes!! But still, we shall need managerial support at each step of the way. As fans, we can document a fully-fledged status report and submit to Betway, without contempt of top management of course.”

“This way, we shall do the right thing at the right time. We can discuss in our preliminary fans meeting and come up with 5-10 points initiative to back up our call to sanity.”

“Management should learn that. Intolerance is not the aim of our submission but a complete passion for a forward move towards next season,” he concluded.

It was at this juncture that Douglas Feeta called for the proposals to be dropped, suggesting that the campaign may jeopardize everything.

“Betway has a valid contract with Express, and these may jeopardize our Public Relations,” he commented.

It remains to be seen if the fans will finally go ahead with their planned stint to call on Betway.

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