December 9, 2021

Playing-space invasion remains a major for football stakeholders

By Baron Kironde
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FUFA President Moses Magogo | FUFA Media

Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) president Moses Magogo has expressed fear regards the vice of football pitches being invaded by investors for non-football related activities.

As he remarked about how FUFA as an institution has been rebuilt during the 97th FUFA General Assembly held at Wash and Wills Hotel in Mbale, Magogo also noted the deterring factors.

“We have rebuilt the Institution of FUFA, mobilized resources, made strategic partnerships with key stakeholders and had a turnaround in the game itself with different competitions and performance of National teams,” Magogo noted.

He added: “We still have the challenge of infrastructure. I am more worried about the rate at which football pitches are taken away.

“Football is a big contributor to the economy, and we deserve to have good infrastructure for proper growth of the game.”

Why the FUFA president should be worried

True to the FUFA president’s worry, there is an ongoing scramble for playing spaces in the city areas that are densely populated business centres targeted by wealthy individuals and strategic firms for various business ventures.

Who is to blame for playing space invasion is another topic of discussion. But it is the same problem affecting a non-registered soccer academy deep down in Katanga, the nation’s historical clubs as well as the national soccer team itself.

Future football stars have no space to train from, progressing footballers have no proper base to accommodate them, and national team ‘stars’ have no ‘home’ to shine from.

The worst had almost come as the national team was set to host home games away from home a few contacts to neighbouring countries were made to see if they could let Uganda host their games there as then, the only ‘accepted’ stadium (St. Mary’s stadium, Kitende) was still pending approval.

When the upcoming World Cup qualifiers arrive in a few weeks, Uganda will host games at Kitende, a private facility neither affiliated to the government nor the football governing body. 

Not so bad that Uganda will host international games in the country, but yet worrying for a nation that wants to compete at a higher level.

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