Reports strongly link Magogo to breaching FIFA Ethics code again

By Allan Damba

Federation of Uganda Football Associations(FUFA) president, Engineer Moses Magogo Hassim is back to within controversies in major connection linking him to flirting with broadcasting rights.

According to a Daily Monitor publication of Tuesday, July 13th, 2021, the Budiope East legislator could be in hot soup as strong records connect him directly to abusing terms of procurement.

As per the publication, “documents at the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB), the companies registration body, show a trail that connects to Magogo, which if proven, contravenes the FIFA code of ethics and locally, amounts to abuse of office.”

Detailing the controversy, Magogo’s relation to Satellite Plus Systems, the company which FUFA contracted to broadcast its matches is as intimate as steel and magnet.

There is a huge bond between Magogo’s company Pearlsporto whose business with FUFA 10 years ago is still deemed extremely moot.

As per documents at the URSB, Satellite Plus Systems’ address is spontaneously and coincidentally the same as Pearlsporto’s old address. Daniel Isabirye who is a director at both Pearlsporto and Satelite Plus System is a bank signatory of the latter.

The apparent affair involving Magogo, FUFA and Satellite Plus Systems is fishy since the football governing body pays production money to the latter.

Could it be a case of the FUFA president paying production money directly to his own account but in disguise?

The newspaper further provides a URSB June 2020 stamped Resolutions Act involving Satellite Plus Systems showing Daniel Isabirye as a signatory and a director, further pinning Magogo.

Also, to raise more debate, in granting the contract to Satellite Plus Systems, FUFA did not advertise the tender and it was straightforward for the company.

FUFA did not involve stakeholders whose product was being used in the deal as some only got to know about it through media.

Quoted by Monitor, KCCA FC Chief Executive Officer Ms Anisha Muhoozi expressed disappointment in the football association for the irregularity.

“I would like to express my disappointment in the relay of this information. There was no formal communication and all we saw were vans parked at stadia to broadcast the games,” she stated.

Vipers SC director Thaddeus Kitandwe was as well left awed by the events, “I wish you had shared this information with the clubs.”

“Most clubs just allow to be on TV just because someone put their matches there. By putting someone’s content on TV without consent of the clubs, FUFA is encroaching on commercial and broadcast rights,” he expressed further.

It should be noted that a total of 94 matches were to be shown live on UBC TV as per the contract including the Uganda Cup, FUFA Women’s League, Big league playoffs and regional playoffs at a cost of $1,100 per match.

Magogo is set to be stamped for a third term in office this August, he is a sole candidate after his competitors (Mujib Kasule and Allan Ssewanyana) contentiously pulled out of the race citing irregularities in the FUFA electoral code.

In 2019, Magogo was suspended by FIFA for two months off football-related activities and fined $10,000 for illegally being involved in selling the 2014 World Cup tickets allocated to Uganda.

If proven again that he abused his office and in breach of FIFA ethics code accusations, he risks a heavier punishment.

Despite the fact that a conclusion is yet to be stamped, the curious question lingers; to whom is the production money paid?

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