Should Mutebi earn more recognition for KCCA’s financial muscle stretch?

The general feeling around Lugogo is that Mutebi, while he had established himself as the face of the KCCA brand with his attractive football, he made more losses for the club than he did make profits.

Mike Hillary Mutebi is undoubtedly KCCA FC’s most successful manager as inscribed in the club’s rich archives. He assumes this position courtesy of his unprecedented glory and achievements during his five year Lugogo adventure.

Three Uganda Premier League titles, two Uganda Cups, four Super Cups and one CECAFA Club Championship, making a total of up to ten trophies to climax what still remains a remarkable tenure.

Despite the modesty from the 51-year old tactician, to brand the milestones a collective effort and share credit with his technical team, Mutebi insists that stretching the club’s financial muscle was a job he singlehandedly did.

“Yes the club is under KCCA who have a limited budget for the team and I do not think we could only depend on that because our requirements were definitely exceeding the resources provided,” Mutebi told Football256 in an interview.

How then would the club survive beyond KCCA’s budget? Mutebi insists that their success in breaking even had no inclination to either gate collections or sponsorships.

“One would argue and say there were also gate collections and sponsorships deals that put us there but that is also not enough for a team that plays on the continent,” he added.

“All along, our own assets have also been very important here I mean in terms of player sales and that was all on me I must say,” he unadulteratedly confirmed.

Mutebi insists that it was under his tenure as manager that KCCA FC generated breathtaking incomes from selling off their players, especially to foreign clubs.

He insists that it was his individual effort along with that of his technical team that helped create a strong foundation for the club which enabled such talented players to emerge.

“Let me sound clear and say that when I was joining KCCA, there seemed to be nothing in the definition of a football club, there was a lot of anarchy but I said no if we want to do things right, this is what we are supposed to do,” he added.

“Get the right coaching team, the development side in place and then we go, which was particularly a requirement from me to the club. This happened because I had my fellow coaches with whom I had coached in schools.”

“After I created that atmosphere of a youth side, these people brought the lads and that was how I managed to fetch all these talents from various places and built a development side.”

“By the time I left the club, 19 players had graduated from the junior team to the senior team and most importantly these are the players that made money for KCCA,” Mutebi noted.

There was quite a number of players sold by the Lugogo side during Mutebi’s tenure but the most notable names being: Derrick Nsibambi, Patrick Kaddu, Allan Kyambadde, Denis Rukundo, Timothy Awany, Allan Okello, Mustapha Kizza and recently Steven Sserwadda.

Mutebi further insists that though the players did not command outrageous transfer fees, his work building them to even go for something good should not go unmentioned since the club acquired the players to close to nothing.

“Player sales accumulated between 20 and 30 billion if I am not mistaken. That means my objectives had started bearing fruits,” he excitedly concluded.

The former SC Villa head coach may have done well, groomed and helped the Kasasiro boys sell off a host of players, that does not take the criticism away from some insiders within the club that believe he was equally extravagant with transfers.

The general feeling around Lugogo is that Mutebi, while he had established himself as the face of the KCCA brand with his attractive football, he made more losses for the club than he did make profits.

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