StarTimes won’t release last quarter funds if league doesn’t resume

Whether the 2019/2020 StarTimes Uganda Premier League will resume and be completed on the pitch with the remaining five matchdays, is a mystery that right now only God can solve.

And while we put all our hopes in the Maker to bring the situation back to normal, UPL clubs, FUFA and UPL itself stand to lose out on their quarterly financial support from title sponsors and broadcasters StarTimes.

Every club is entitled to Shs 19 million every quarter as sponsorship package, UPL secretariat get their share to run operations while money to pay referees and run other football operation is given to FUFA.

For this financial year that ends in May 2020, finances for the last quarter have not been released by StarTimes and Football256 understands that the situation will only change if the league resumes.

“Our business as StarTimes has also been affected just like all the other business in the world,” StarTimes’ Aldrine Nsubuga told Star FM from his base in Nairobi Kenya.

“Football was suspended, promotion of the league was put on hold, the fans no longer watch the league, journalists no longer report about the league because it’s on hold.”

“So, if the league is not on, there is no TV value we are getting, there is no exposure, no viewership, we who target money through buying decoders and subscription have not made money.”

“So, clubs wanting StarTimes to pay the funds for the last quarter are out of their minds, because the same way they are not making money, we are also not, our customers are also not making money because they are not working,” Nsubuga noted.

There have been cries from a few club officials who hoped that it would make more sense if StarTimes paid the clubs what they are entitled to this quarter to get through this situation, something Nsubuga disagrees with.

“That won’t be possible, the same away the league is on hold, if it doesn’t resume, that means everything else can’t resume.”

“Because we as title sponsors and broadcast partners our value is in the league being played and broadcasting it to our consumers.”

“Our contract with FUFA relies on the league being played, any other situation that stops the league from going on, puts us in a situation like that,” Nsubuga insisted.

On August 9th, 2018 StarTimes signed a 10-year deal with FUFA worth $7.24 M (UGX 26,680,848,000 to sponsor the first and second divisions of Ugandan football.

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