Uganda Premier League clubs receive FIFA COVID-19 relief fund

The 16 StarTimes Uganda Premier League clubs are exultant after receiving FIFA COVID-19 relief funds as promised from the Federation of Uganda Football Association.

The clubs have received a total amount of UGX 526,720,000 million with each club receiving an equal share of the money totalling to UGX 32,920,000 million.

Meanwhile, the Uganda Premier League secretariat received a total of UGX 52,000,000 million as a relief fund.

This money is to offset financial losses both at UPL secretariat and at club level.

According to the federation, the UPL secretariat made a loss of UGX 32,000,000 million while clubs made a loss of 12,920,000 million each.

FUFA Big League clubs received a sum of 240,000,000 million while regional clubs received a total amount of 202,000,000 million.

FUFA earlier resolved that the funds cannot be used for any expenses by the club, advising that player, coaching staff and other club staff salaries must be considered.

Others to receive the FIFA COVID-19 relief fund include Special Interest Groups (SIGS) who received UGX 105,000,000 million while the eight member Regions have received UGX 160,000,000 million.

Beach Soccer clubs have received UGX 22,000,000 million, Futsal clubs received UGX 16,000,000 million while Fourth Division clubs moved away with UGX 90,500,000 million.

Youths national teams have been given UGX 100,000,000 million while UGX 176,780,000 million went to the restart of competitions.

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