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‘We striked because FUFA wanted to take us for a ride’ – Captain Onyango

By Clive Kyazze

When this website broke the story of the Cranes’ strike days to their 2019 Total Africa Cup of Nations round of 16 game against Senegal, their reasons were downplayed by FUFA.

They were later forced to labour with explanations of what the code of conduct contained and how the ‘selfish ungrateful’ players wanted remuneration outside the code of conduct signed before the tournament.

Cranes captain Denis Onyango has been silent about the matter until Wednesday when he spoke to a South African publication Soccer Laduma

“When you draw up a code of conduct, you bring it to the players and let them read through it,” Onyango told Soccer Laduma before adding.

“They (FUFA) brought the code of conduct around midnight when we were departing for the airport for Abu Dhabi and they forced the players to sign the document which was an indication that there was something fishy.”

“We stayed in Abu Dhabi for three weeks in preparations and no one bothered to come out and explain to the players that code of conduct and what it entailed.”

“So what did you expect when it was time for them to pay? They referred us to the code of conduct and do you think players care about the small print contained in the code of conduct?”

“If we agree that you pay $4000 for a win, $2000 for a draw and nothing for a loss, why do you always make things difficult in the implementation of such a simple issue?” Onyango added.

According to the code of conduct, the players were entitled to $6, 000 altogether for the win against DR Congo and draw with Zimbabwe.

In the players’ understanding, they were also entitled to $5,000 if the team qualified for the round 16 and $7,000 if they made the last eight.

Before their round of 16 tie, they had only received the $4,000 for the win against Congo but also learnt that the £5,000 for making the quarters might not be paid.

“When we left Uganda for camping in Abu Dhabi, we agreed on certain things, when you want things to work in particular with footballers, you have to be specific and transparent.”

“You don’t engage in a lot of mathematical jargons, and that’s what federations across Africa have to learn.”

“When we agree that you pay us $4,000 for a win and $2,000 for a draw and nothing for a loss, why do you always make things difficult in their implementation of such a simple issue?” he asked.

Onyango’s revelations come at a time when the FUFA top brass is still torn between whether retaining him and other senior players on the team or drop them for good.

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