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Why football players should take marriage seriously

By Football256 Team
Vipers forward Paul Mucureezi (R) exchanges rings with his wife Swabale Khainga | Courtesy Image

By Kenneth Kelvin Muwanga

It’s always a habit among football players to always think they are still so young and, thus, keep hiding away from the realities of life.

One of the most challenging things is since they are players, they think even life should be played around with; most importantly, they play with women as though they’re playing football.

A football player needs to have stable families which in return, will help them have stable careers because through this, one becomes responsible for one’s career, as you have dependents.

One of the most amazing and sweet things is marriage – two are better than one, one can chase 100 but two chase 1000 – It’s a bible scripture.

The problem is that fame will always kill many and most will never achieve what they want in life because it comes with a lot of challenges and target workers are always waiting to exploit this ignorance and, take away one’s money and form at the end losing everything.

Most football players come from humble backgrounds and they have no opportunity for such counsel, but through this article, athletes need to marry and settle on careers than ‘playing games’.

We have heard of players who have produced and accumulated children everywhere they have played football, and at the end of their careers, they have fatherless children in almost every country.

When you sign a football contract with a professional club, they usually ask if you have a family?

This will also determine the kind of salary and house they will give you, but, if you’re not, they know you do not have much responsibility on your shoulders.

Sir Alex Ferguson always encouraged his players during his days at Manchester united to marry because he saw an excited young man.

As a father figure, the former wanted his players to concentrate on careers than running around with girls. Uganda has lost talent because of unstable or no marriages at all for the athletes.

Most players have failed at the professional level because they change women like clothes, even in foreign countries and women end up taking all they have worked for in the foreign land.

It’s not a secret that many players have unknown kids all around the country, from Arua to Kampala to Mbarara to Moroto and so forth, which comes out of excitement and fame, but if the player is married, they somehow have limits.

Most athletes, when they sign contracts, spend most time happening with friends at nightclubs, at musical shows, and at the end of the day, no time to rest and think about careers, yet if they are married, they are somehow limited, someone will ask them why they come home late.

Marriage is a good thing for football players and all athletes should consider it if we are to benefit from our Ugandan talents.

Players who have stable marriages have had their careers successful because God blessed the Marriage, where two are better than one.

The writer is a media operations manager at Vipers SC, a youth preacher at GCOB |

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